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We have been supplying research chemicals to pharmaceutical scientists, chemistry students, pharmacologists, medical institutions, toxicologists, biochemists, medical students and educational institutions for a little over two years. Our objective is to help facilitate their research programs by providing them with the excellent quality chemicals for mock study, tests along with design in the medical community.

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We make sure to dispatch all products the same day on orders being paid before 4pm GMT. We are thus swift in dispatching orders so customer are confident about their purchase. We also provide guarantee of secure delivery of our products and ensure that the customers receive the products without any troubles.

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Tracked orders help to guarantee safe and effective delivery. We take general precautions that put into consideration the best interests of our clients. We dispatch products through the fastest and most trusted courier services to make the sure orders get to our client within the shortest period of time. 

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We also take pride in offering the easiest and most flexible payment options to suit the requirements of our clients. Thus we accept Bank Transfers, Secure Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Credit and Debit card payments, western union and MoneyGram available on request for wholesale orders.

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buy Methiopropamine Full Chemical Name Methiopropamine Systematic IUPAC Name 1-(thiophen-2-yl)-2-methylaminopropane CAS Number 801156-47-8 ChemSpider Number 385727 Molecular Formula C8H13NS Molecular Mass 155.261 g/mol   Contact Us:...
2-FMA for sale Our Price List:   $3500 /kg, $1800 / 500g, $1200/250g, $800 / 100g, Buy here Email: info@researchchemicalonlinestore.com  
MDPV Crystals for sale $3500 /kg, $1800 / 500g, $1200/250g, $800 / 100g, Buy here   Contact email: info@researchchemicalonlinestore.com
3-MMC Crystals for sale   Price: $4100 /kg Price: $2500 / 500g Price: $1800 / 250g Price: $1200 / 100g Buy here Contact email: info@researchchemicalonlinestore.com
4-MEC Crystals for sale   Our Price List: $4000 /kg, $2200 / 500g, $1500/250g, $1000 / 100g, Buy h e re Contact Email: info@researchchemicalonlinestore.com  
4-MMC Crystals for sale Our Price List: $4500 /kg $2500 / 500g $1800 / 250g $1200 / 100g Buy Now Contact Email: info@researchchemicalonlinestore.com  
A-PVP for sale:   Our Price List: $3500 /kg, $1800 / 500g, $1200/250g, $800 / 100g, Buy Now Email info@researchchemicalonlinestore.com  


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